Botanical Garden 

This was our second visit to the botanical gardens of San Antonio. Our first visit was earlier in the year, around the beginning of February so not everything was in bloom but still so beautiful. Here are a few shots from our last visit

Adaileé  was much too small to enjoy our last visit. She mostly took naps while we walked for hours taking in the beauty of plants. I have been looking forward to our next visit for quite sometime. To say I was excited would be an understatement when Marco said yes to me when I asked if we could go this past Sunday (like he would say no 😏, he never tells me no ha).

I wish I could tell you how happy it made my heart to watch my daughter wander from one exhibit to another. She roamed freely majority of the time. I was so pleased with her curiosity and  I adore how connected to earth she is. You can tell she feels so content when surrounded by Mother Nature. She loves picking up the intriguing sticks + rocks.

Some of the plants my eyes found very captivating.

They have these miniature houses with landscaped yards to show you all the different plants + styles you can recreate for your own home. My favorite style is the Spanish courtyard. I couldn’t help myself I had to get Addy sitting down on the little bench in front of my favorite home.

We bought two little baggies full of fish food so we could feed the fish, ducks and turtles that reside around the pond. The lily pads were definitely my favorite part of it.

One of the parts of the Botanical Garden is this green house. Adaileé very much enjoyed it, especially when the mist was on to water the plants.

The cabin house on the lake is definitely my favorite part of the whole botanical garden. I feel so at peace when I overlook the lake. My favorite spot is that little bench. The little details of the house are so unique and I love the tiny fireplace.

 My heart is so full these days. I can’t tell you how much I enjoy our little family outings and it makes me even more happy seeing my two loves filled with smiles during it. I can’t wait for our next botanical garden visit. I am considering getting a membership so Adaileé and I can go more often together to get us out of the house.
Just look at how darling this picture is. A shoutout to my love for this awesome photo of our daughter + my sweet friend Katy for helping me get myself out of the photo.


Adaileé’s Dreamy Woodland First Birthday

I knew I wanted a woodland/forest theme for Adaileé’s first as soon as she was born. I just didn’t know how I wanted to execute it. After months and months of searching for cute ideas I finally found all the ideas I wanted to recreate. Although we were preparing for a hurricane the day before I didn’t want that to stop me from celebrating my daughters very special first birthday. 

I loved Adaileé for over 365 days. Many of those days were sleepless nights & very early mornings. Dancing around the living room + fighting naps throughout the day. I couldn’t imagine my life without her. She has made me complete, she made my dream come true. 

Probably the most nerve wracking things i created were her cupcakes. Thankfully I had did a trial a couple of weeks in advance. I wanted them to come out perfect. I don’t think I did half bad if I do say so myself. 

All her cute little snacks came out perfect and everyone loved them! The creek water was such a big hit. It was strawberry tea and lemonade with added strawberries and blueberries.


I enjoyed decorating this table, so dreamy and the fairy lights just really put the whole table together. I love the contrast of the dark green and white with accents of light wood. 

Addy enjoyed her cake smash very much even though she was gentle with it at first. She looked so adorable slapping it and how excited she got every time we all laughed and “aaaww’d”.

My sweet, smart, brave, independent girl is now a toddler. A whole new year of growth is in store for us. We can’t wait to see and experience all the new milestones. Thank you all for taking time out of your day and being apart of our lives through our blog.


A Year of Addy


By her 7 months she was standing all on her own. She seemed like she could be walking any day now. As each week went by her legs got stronger holding her self up longer than the last time. ​

By 8 months she was taking steps by holding onto objects and also by herself. She definitely had a lot to work on but I couldn’t be more proud of my independent little flower. Her favorite thing to do was spend the morning watching all the Sesame Street songs she loved so much. ​Addy spent a lot of time in her walker, she enjoyed being able to follow me throughout the house.

At 9 months she had basically got the hang of walking. Her new favorite thing to do was clap and dance to any music she heard. This was such a exciting time for us. She was starting to learn so much so fast. I loved the blossoming of her personality. ​She was now moving onto attempting to run. Oh was I in for a hyper little girl. 


My goodness double digits. I couldn’t believe that in two months my little babe was going to be one years old. She had accomplished so much in her little time being earthside.​ By this point she was running around, climbing stairs not needing any assistance at all of mine. 


11 months.. the days are just counting down till I have a one year old. I can’t believe how fast this whole year has gone by. She has taught me so many things, everyday I learn how to be a better mother for her. She is the most independent little person I have met. She wants to do everything on her own. Plus she is a daredevil who has no fear. I hope she keeps this independence throughout her whole life. Trolls is her absolute favorite movie she could watch it over and over again. She knows when the music is about to start because you see her start moving her hips. It’s the absolute cutest 

As I write this out I can’t help but cry, it felt we were all in the hospital yesterday waiting your arrival. You have given your dad and I the best year of our lives. I remember the mornings we would share, the nights you would scoot closer to me until you felt me. I miss the days where you would just lay on me for hours napping and watching Sesame Street. Now it takes food for you to even want to be with me for more than 5 minutes. When you give those kisses without me even asking for it, it makes my days so much better. I can’t wait to see what the next year has in store for you. You are now a toddler no longer my little infant. Today we are going to have a picnic because a whole year before you were born your dad and I went on our first picnic together. Every year from now on we will celebrate your birthday with a picnic.

Happy birthday baby girl you are my dream come true thank you for being momma’s best friend. 

Life Update

It’s been almost 6 months since I’ve made a blog post. Life was really taking a toll on me. It has since started too look up. So much has happened in that short amount of time. Both good and bad. I sort of fell into a depression, the thing with depression it never truly goes away. My heart was being tugged at. I felt so defeated because I gave up working, leaving Marco to handle all the bills himself. I know he doesn’t mind, and he has never given me a hard time about wanting to stay at home taking care of our daughter. In fact, he would prefer me to stay at home creating things + being the one who raises Adaileé. I just felt so guilty like I wasn’t being a good mother. I wasn’t doing enough. Marco has never had us without and we both have amazing parents who help us in their own ways. We are so thankful to have family who care and want nothing but the best for us. We wouldn’t be where we are today without them. 

Anyways, our daughter has grown so much since her last 6 month update. I will be posting an update on her birthday, so stay tuned! For now enjoy this lovely photo of her.

  Can you believe she’ll be a one year old in a few short weeks? 


Marco has switched jobs, leaving the city behind and taking on the oil field. This is going to change our lives drastically. We are hoping to own land + a mobile home by the end of next year. Since we want to save for our future plans we have decided to put our wedding on hold. We aren’t sure about a date yet. We are waiting to get some land first, because we would rather get married on our own property. Making our special day even more intimate and special. Also we wouldn’t have to worry about restrictions, how many people we can invite, etc. We aren’t in a rush to marry each other, he is already my husband in my eyes and the same goes for him. I want to be able to have our dream wedding, not just rush just to be able to have the label “wife”. I am his wife, I am the mother to our daughter and our future children. I am growing old with him, creating a life filled with love. Our plans are to create a small farm for ourselves. We talk about owning chickens, ducks, goats, pigs, horses, even a couple of cows. we plan on making our own pond and filling it up with fish, so we can go fishing and release them back into the water. We want Adailee and our future children to grow up in that type of enviroment. Learning how to care for things and to love. I think it’ll be a great way to grow up. Something I’ve never ever got to experience but her father has. He was raised very well, respectable, humble, and loving. Why do you think I wanted his baby so bad? Ha. Just kidding… sort of. I think this is a great place to end, I will be starting my blogging regulary again.  I hope you guys enjoyed this post and stay tuned! 

A Year of Addy

Part 6 

Wow has this been a great month for our little texas flower! She has become so loving lately and also very spoiled to say the least. She is so much fun to be around and I love watching her grow. She is both a mama and daddy’s girl to watch her act a certain way with dad and then a certain way with me is crazy. It blows my mind how smart and independent she is. 

She loves talking and screaming (not crying but actually screaming) her head off when she doesn’t get what she wants. Which is usually to be held or just sitting with you. She is full of spunk and I just love her so much for the sass she has. She immediately starts to smile when she hears the kissing noises her dad and I make to her. ​

She just completely has me in awe every second I am with her, being her mom has been the best thing ever. She got her six months shots and soon we will be piercing her ears! She is 26 inches and 15lbs and 10 oz. she is right in the middle of her age percentile! The doctor kept saying how perfect she was and also how strong because she would not lay down for anything. She is our daughter so of course she is strong! She is now crawling and standing on her own and I couldn’t be more sad and happy at the same time. I can’t believe in just 6 months we will have a one year old.  

Happy Half Birthday Momma 💗

Galentine’s Day 2017

Galentine’s Day is a holiday celebrating all the women in your life that you love. I wanted Adaileé to celebrate and continue to celebrate it, because she has so many lovely women in her life that love and adore her but also can show her how wonderful being a girl is. She has two grandmothers that have seen a lot of sorrow and pain in their lives and I hope these two strong and powerful woman show Addy all that she can be. I want Addy to grow up with kindness and complimenting her fellow gal pals, never trying to put them down but only empower them. I want her to be comfortable in her own skin not to dwell on her imperfections because I’ll always see her as the beautiful person she is and will grow up to be. With that being said we are celebrating the two lovely grandmothers Adaileé has been blessed to have.  I hope everyone enjoyed their Galentine’s Day 💕

Mission San Juan Capistrano 

Lately Marco and I have been busting our butts working full time hours, barely getting time together as a family. Most days we see each one another for an hour and fifteen minutes tops. Sometime at the end of January he took a half day at work. He got home and we quickly got ready and went for a 6 mile walk through a park. Where we spent time talking and catching Pokémon! Our destination was to our first Mission. It was a lovely day outside and I have been wanting to adventure out more this year it was one of my many goals for us. 

There was a lovely stream of water under a bridge. Where we stopped to admire and take pictures 

There was a perfect opening along the trail, it seemed so magical. 

About 1.5 miles later we stumbled upon part of  an old building it was a great place to snap a few shots of us. 

Also there were these really cool coral looking things so of course Marco asked if he could take pictures of me. He is my personal photographer ha. 

We finally arrived at our destination, I think Marco had said this is the smallest mission of them all. It was very beautiful place to think that we were walking on a part of history blew my mind. 

My very handsome soon to be husband making my heart swoon like always. 

As we walked back Adaileé was getting restless in her stroller so daddy decided to put her on his shoulders and it made my heart melt. I love watching them together. 

This has been our very first adventure of 2017 and I am so ready for the next one! Very soon it will come!